so much to do with so little time

highlight of the day: LOL my kid was wearing really nice fuzzy socks but i didn’t have time to say that i really liked them so i messaged her when i got home and she said thank you she’s so cute. ahhh we keep talking about socks LOL such a good convo

8:52 pm

ok let’s do a quick run down of things that i need to get done

  • finish math homework
  • study for spanish test tmrw
  • ch 13-16 notes for english, finish reading ch 4 textbook, study vocab for quiz
  • jot down chem notes and study and start homework
  • apush rewrite, apush handout *AND STUDY FOR APUSH LONG ESSAY AH

miscellaneous things to do

  • catch up on fiveable for apeng and apush
  • finish writing chem notes
  • fill out essay improvement sheet
  • fill out an app for global glimpse

oof while writing about my highlight of the day i started thinking about age differences

i think my close friends are always my age or older than me

that’s kind of weird though, because that means that my close friends are close w/ someone younger than them

but that doesn’t usually happen for me

it’s kind of interesting to open up to someone younger

i mean i don’t see people as their age, but i guess i just tend to open up to older people ? i’m not sure how this works

usually when i’m around people who are younger, i see them as my kids or little siblings

it’s not intentional or a hard line

well… i’m actually not sure if it’s a hard line

maybe i’m just used to looking after people who are younger than me (i used to hang out with kids who were in junior high and they were kind of always my kids)

oh my what was i going to talk about

oh i remember now

today i went into a different teacher’s classroom for tutorial because there was a mandatory meeting for global glimpse

i was so impressed by the teacher LOL she didn’t say much honestly

but the way she carried herself ???

she stands strong in what she believes in, and what she believes makes sense

i’ve met so many people who have one or the other and it’s infuriating sometimes

but when you get the right balance of both you have this amazing person who you’d love to have a conversation with ?

also i went into my bio teacher’s room during lunch to do homework and i was pretty productive

i went in there two days ago as well but there was a sub that day

i honestly think that that room is my safe place at school

my chemistry teacher is interesting

as knowledgeable as he is about chemistry, he makes me feel stupid for asking him questions and he yells when someone answers a question incorrectly in class

and that scares me

i dread his class every day and i can’t improve because i’m too afraid to ask him questions LOL

my spanish teacher has all these random posters around in his room, and one of the requirements of his classroom is a “comfortable place for students to ask questions”

and that is so important

how am i supposed to learn if i can’t ask you for clarifications ?

he discourages collaboration and yells at you for asking other people for help when he can help you himself

and then he goes on to correct your error in front of the whole class in a “matter of fact” voice

oh my goodness i dread that class

and i can’t really ask anyone else for help that’s not in his class because he does things in a specific way that is supposedly more efficient and effective

maybe it is ? but i don’t know how to use these ways ?

and then i feel bad because when i ask my discipler for help she tries really hard to explain it and then i don’t get it because anything regarding chemistry just makes me mentally shut down

but if i walk into my bio classroom from last year, i can peacefully sit down at a table alone and do homework for 40 minutes silently

sometimes i feel things and sometimes i don’t LOL

i think that i felt that my bio teacher wanted to talk to me if that makes sense

like i wasn’t watching her, but i could sometimes feel that she would look over and want to start a conversation? but at the same time i didn’t actually observe that happening so i’ll never be sure

i will talk to her one day soon i think. i just have this thing where i don’t like asking people for help when it’s not necessarily their responsibility to do something. like in this case she has 150 students to teach already and i’m not even talking to her about the subject that she’s teaching. but one time she gave me a+ advice that literally had me crying for days LOL so one day i will talk to her

run-on sentences are a thing now i think LOL i used to use a lot of commas but oh whale

and then after lunch i went to apush class where i accidentally was too loud/insensitive because of day happenings and then i wasn’t able to perceive that my friend wasn’t feeling well. i apologized later though and all is well. i just have to be a bit more careful in the future

dang this is 900 words already ??? i think i ramble a lot when i’m not confined to a single topic you’re welcome

ok time to start homework now

wow 900 words is more than an essay though i’m impressed i was just talking about my day

oh and i also have to tell my boss that i can’t do my original schedule because things came up but maybe we’ll wait a bit to tell her that :’))


-jess wong




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